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Teens have strong opinions and strange ideas of what they think is the in thing for interior design. So the prospect of redoing a teen room can be filled with landmine arguments over colors, furniture and accessories. Bring some unique and edgy ideas to the table for discussion and prove to your teen you’re still hip. Take from her palette to create a teen room ready for up all night sleepovers. Mix blues, oranges and greens to create a flower-powered room for your budding love child. Mixing patterns of flowers, stripes and geometric shapes will give the ambiance of a bohemian paradise.

Lay grass green carpet and add a bright blue to the walls. By avoiding murals and painted rolling green hills, you’ll make the room feel more grown up and less nursery, which your teen will appreciate.

Go chalk board in a teen room to allow them to express, and erase to re-express their personality. Think of a mustang staring down the closet, or an iconic actor watching over your teen’s sweet dreams. Marry the brightness of magenta with a pastel yellow to create a room that is equal parts subtle and obvious. Teens will appreciate the dual personality of the room whether they are quietly hiding out, or blaring music.

Extra points go out to the parents who use black at the bottom and get progressively lighter to a white ceiling. You’ll get a room you can live with and your teen will get black, albeit a small amount.

Use wood for accompanying furniture or shelving and you’ll pull camo off as classy. A simple way to make sure you color scheme matches is to use only black and white.

Big box and home improvement stores give you oodles of opportunities to get a bedspread in a black and white pattern.

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