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In this post, I’ll explain what exactly a modern farmhouse kitchen design is and how to achieve it. As well as 15 examples to give you ideas and inspiration for your own modern farmhouse kitchen renovation.

I’ve broken this down into four key areas, that combined, help to create the modern farmhouse kitchen look. Shaker style cabinets give a traditional yet timeless feel to any kitchen.

Their simple, honest but well-made design means they stand the test of time and any trend that comes and goes. Making shaker style cabinets the ideal base on which to build the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen.

Introduce a soft or neutral colour palette to help create a light, bright and airy feel. Keeping to more neutral colours breathes longevity to your kitchen and helps it stand the test of time and trends.

Adding natural material elements such as wooden countertops or floating shelves, on top of a soft/neutral colour scheme will help to achieve that modern farmhouse kitchen look.

Exposed piping, beams or brick walls can all work well if successfully paired with a neutral and simple kitchen design. Adding pendant lights can be another great way to introduce some antique charm and character to your kitchen. Considering and implementing all of these elements will help you on your way to creating the perfect modern farmhouse kitchen design.

Exposed beams, dark cabinets, and a vintage fridge perfectly balance classic and contemporary. However, pairing soft, sage green with wood worktops and rustic touches is a great way to achieve the modern farmhouse kitchen look.

This style is a story of contrasts – dark and light units, modern and antique touches, natural and industrial elements.

Adding natural materials and elements to your kitchen is key to achieving your modern farmhouse feel.

The dark natural wood island worktop grounds this kitchen and is perfectly accented by bountiful plant life. Exposed beams paired with cool sleek colours takes a classic farmhouse look to the next level.

The modern handles and cool colours perfectly update the otherwise classic elements, such as the Aga stove. Using shaker style cabinets and natural accents, such as this beautiful flooring, can help you achieve this look.

Keeping the colour palette light is a great way to get the modern farmhouse aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay white.

This kitchen keeps a simple, sand-coloured tone but has artistic features and an Aga, perfectly walking the modern/classic line. Just take simple cabinets, add subtle classic elements (like a Belfast or butler sink) and finish with uber-modern touches and you’re there! Choosing an unexpected feature, like herringbone flooring, framed by simple, neutral colours and lines really gives your kitchen that modern yet classic feel.

Remember, it’s all about finding that balance of traditional farmhouse kitchen design but injecting a modern twist of more contemporary colours and materials.

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Michael from

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