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It only felt right to start with a simple, classic, gorgeous sage green bathroom like this one. With the walls painted this beautiful green color, the brass rimmed mirror and clean marble counter top look timeless and elegant.

You can get a similar small, round, glass vase from Amazon for a really good price.

I think that the hand soap dispensers look really good too – that amber glass look has been so popular and it looks great with sage green.

This milk & honey hand soap from Anthropologie has a similar (or maybe even prettier) look. It’s a fun yet mature pattern that pairs really nicely with the green tile!

Wallpaper is so popular and trendy right now, and it adds so much visual interest to a space. I love pairing the sage green with natural elements like branches or flowers, because they go together so well. Mixing warm and cool tones is a big theme in this bathroom. From the warm walnut cabinets to the mix and match cool tone green tiles in the shower, there’s a harmonious balance that’s easy to love. I love that there’s a vintage rug in this bathroom rather than a traditional bath mat. This isn’t really a bathroom photo, but this wallpaper from Crate & Barrel is too pretty not to include.

If you like the idea of a warmer toned grayish green, Two Scoops from Clare Paint might be perfect for you. For a more cool toned grayish green, Make Waves from Clare Paint is really beautiful. It has that same sage green color and evokes a similar feel to this pattern. One other thing to note is that the trim of the baseboard is painted green which is a cool and unique touch.

I think that one of the best sage green bathroom decorating ideas is to add wallpaper. I searched and found a similar wallpaper from Anthropologie with the same warm tan color that looks so beautiful with the green.

This color reminds me of Salton Sea from Fire Clay Tile. The light fixture is really beautiful as well, I love how it adds a slightly vintage and industrial look.

I couldn’t help but notice those gray and white striped towels, too.

This tile has a more modern look because it is stacked vertically and it is turned so that it has goes up and down in a long and tall direction.

There’s a wooden tray on the back of the toilet and that would be the perfect spot for a reed diffuser or a pretty scented candle. Bathroom wall art adds so much to your space, and getting picture frames that you really like makes all of the difference.

Gold and brass pair really nicely with sage green bathrooms because they add some warmth to the space. If you’re not sure how to style your bathroom more, adding in a plant or some natural stems is so beautiful. Another secret tip is that dry brushes and sea sponges are in interior design magazines all of the time, and they aren’t even that expensive. This bathroom is so pretty and is another great example of how bringing nature into your space and including warm tones in your wood and in the brass or gold metals create a beautiful balance of color. I hope that these sage green bathroom decorating ideas helped inspire you! For more art and design inspiration, follow Garland Collections on Pinterest and Instagram.

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sage green bathroom decorating ideas
sage green bathroom decorating ideas

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