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This 2-in1 Modern Side Table Floor Lamp with White Shade and USB Ports lets you decorate your living room stylishly without sacrificing a fortune. Our elegant, 4.7-foot source of light costs only a fraction of what expensive designer lamps run, yet has the trim, neat, understatedly upscale appearance of a costlier item. A 12-inch diameter shade (choose from all-white or patterned black-and-white) tops a slender, shining brass arm that slopes into a table base of black wood.

Below, an open-display upper and lower tier serve as spaces for showing off decorative arts, such as a ceramic vase, quaint first editions, picture books, or treasured knick-knacks.

The open-air upper and lower levels provide display space for an antique vase, vintage books, or small-scale objects d'art Perfect for positioning on hardwoods, the base measures 14 x 14 inches; electrical cord length reaches 8 feet

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