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If your bathroom feels small, a wall mirror can do the magic of making it look bigger. When it comes to experiencing the benefits of having a large, modern mirror, Umbra Hub makes a go-to choice.

Using this round mirror on walls creates an optical illusion that feels the room with brightness.

This article highlights the top four reasons why the round Umbra Hub is the best option for any homeowner looking for a large, modern mirror in Canada.

Even if all consumers choose to buy from one brand, they’ll still have varying needs and preferences. The large, round Umbra Hub mirror design comes in various models to suit different user needs and aesthetic preferences.

The modern Umbra Hub mirror also comes in seven great finishes to satisfy every homeowner’s unique design needs. The finishes available on Amazon include black, brass, charcoal, copper, grey, smoke, and titanium.

Umbra Hub mirror is a go-to brand for many people, and its popularity grows every day.

Umbra has the highest number of positive reviews among mirror brands and more than 144K followers on Instagram. The page is popular among home décor influencers and creates a resourceful platform for inspirational ideas. You only need vintage pillows on your seats, a potted plant at the corner, and a couple of metal accents.

If you need to keep your living room tidy or have all your remote controls in one location, this repurposed organization stand from @beauxarts107 will get the job done. It creates a ready-to-access storage area for your car keys and other essentials you usually carry to work. The round wall mirror above the console table ensures you adjust your hair or tie before leaving.

Moreover, the mirror reflects light to the whole living room when you open the door, creating a bright space for the day’s activities. You only need a repurposed ladder-design stand, an organic basket, and a few potted plants, and you’re good to go. This bathroom design from Emma Caron Interiors is an excellent option if you want to make your space feel less cramped.

The round wall mirror fixed next to the bulb fixture reflects the light from this source in the whole room, making it feel bigger. Also, the brighter corners created by this design break the regular bathroom monotony, making this space attractive.

The manufacturer is confident you’ll experience prolonged longevity with such a warranty to realize your money’s value. Umbra Hub is the number one best-selling mirror in Amazon for many years (source). Customers love the relatively affordable price tag compared to the mirror’s quality consistency. All customers can’t speak in the same tone and satisfaction if the product didn’t meet their specific, if not all, design needs.

After reading reviews I decided the extra money was worth it to ensure I wouldn’t receive a distorted mirror. Smart move by Umbra using rubber instead of wood or metal to make a more affordable product.

“I was initially hesitant to purchase this mirror because it had a rubber frame and I thought it might be cheap looking. Hanging was super easy, I grabbed a drywall anchor from Home Depot and had it hung in 3 minutes.” – Katy The five-year manufacturer warranty gives you all the reasons for trusting the product’s quality. In addition, the wide color and large size selection make this brand a perfect choice for any homeowner, whether multifamily or single-household.

We believe this product will redefine your experience with mirrors and give you all reasons to be proud of your living space.

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