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Living rooms are the first thing your guests notice when they come over to visit. It sets the tone for their experience in your home and it’s probably where you’ll spend most of your time with them and your family.

Or we’re console gaming and the perfect spot to rest our feet is the living room coffee table. Whether you’re a suburban family homeowner or a geeky city apartment dweller, One thing’s certain. It’s the place where you kick back and relax with a cup of coffee and a book after a long day of work. Living rooms can be elegant, stylish, dapper or even sophisticated, depending on your personal taste.

We’ve also written about boho living room ideas on our blog, be sure to explore that article too. Paint the walls white to open up the space and make it feel brighter. Aesthetic living rooms have very simple design styles and colour palettes. You’ll often find white walls with natural wood furniture that creates an airy feel to them. In this above example, they’ve opted for a wall of pop-art Displate posters with assorted designs to be the focal point of the space. They’ve paired assorted furniture to create a light spaced room.

In this small space living room is a balance of antique decor and modern styles. The striped carpet pairs well with the beautiful wall art and full space couch.

High Fashion Dashing Aesthetic Living Room This high fashion living room is a complete green theme with tiled flooring and inspired chairs. Imagine creating this cute place to entertain guests and experience some intimate family moments. The light color tones give a sense of calm and peace.

Here’s an elegant space styled with beautiful furnishings is a unique use of green and yellow. The furniture matches the wood floor seamlessly creating a relaxed feeling.

In this pretty example, we see unique furniture ideas with wood flooring to match. The owners love decorating with plants and have draped their chairs and sofa with my cosy pillows, which creates a comfortable setting area. This monochrome living room pairs bold white walls with black furniture. The extended sofa is used as a centerpiece and matched with the black and white art mounted onto the wall.

In this naturally styled attic, wooden floors are matched with similar color sofas. The walls have chic bohemian art and the furniture is kept in a similar theme. This one uses many different decor ideas as is common in many living rooms.

To create a similar style, you’ll need items such as plants, wall art, a wooden antique table, among others. You can opt to find antique furniture in stores or on marketplaces online. Some living rooms have high ceilings, this one has beautiful sky beams.

Carpets are used to create a balance on the floors and the furniture they chose, is light earth-toned. The more space you have in the living room the more stuff and design elements you can add to it.

The ultimate goal is to create a place that is welcoming and pleasant to visit.

It’s sure to give friends a fun feeling when they spend time in your home. Living rooms are an amalgamation of different ideas all brought together to fit into a cohesive feel. It’s common to incorporate organic elements like plants to help create a sense of nature within the home.

These aesthetic designs offer peace and calm which is why a lot of people gravitate to them. Measure your square footage and start hunting down the perfect side table to leave your daily coffee mug on. Find the perfect rug to warm up your feet during those long evening gaming sessions.

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