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As a proud house owner, you may have landscaped the exterior to provide a path leading up to the front door and a driveway for your car. Perhaps you’ve designed the front garden to complement the house, with a lawn flanked by lush greenery and pretty blooms to frame the vista. However, professionals in their field will transport your boxes and price possession to your new home and not give you any extra trouble.

Suddenly, your home becomes invisible, save for a forlorn streetlight and maybe some security lighting to deter would-be burglars.

However, if you put the same amount of energy and a little thought into installing the proper outdoor lighting, your house could come alive at night and look just as fantastic as it does in the daytime. Use outdoor lights to make a focal point out of your main entrance – it’s your guests’ first impression of your home, and surely you want them to feel warmly welcome.

However, in the summer, all sorts of insects and pests fly into the light, so do not forget to hang a mosquito and flea trap near the entrance just in case. Anything unusual in your garden design – different walkway levels, low walls, ponds or architectural quirks – should have additional lighting to ensure that your visitors are provided with a ‘roadmap’ to get them safely from the road to the door.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be able to walk from your house to your garage (or vice versa) at night, aided by proper lighting rather than in pitch darkness?

Whether you choose bright fittings with a high lumen output or a floodlight with a PIR sensor activated by movement, place one above the garage door (or on either side).

Install a wide variety of exterior lights around the house and garden, including some with motion sensors, and you’re sure to make any opportunist criminal feel most unwelcome.

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