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By now you’ve probably got the gist that we’re obsessed with wall paneling, not just because it’s on trend right now but because of the endless options and styles available. Kinda dull, just existing as a vital structural component to your home. Shadow and light often play clever tricks on the eye, it can make rooms appear bigger or smaller depending on the colour scheme you choose. Maybe you’ve recently bought your home – which as we all know is an expensive process, you may not have the funds readily available to bring the decor into the present. Use MDF wall panelling kits to upgrade each room as you go, it will hide any unsightly blemishes or marks and add character to the house. Stunning Tongue & Groove Wall Panelling from Making It In The Mountains

If they know they won’t have lots of decorating to do when they move in, they’ll be more tempted to buy – especially if they’re big wall panelling fans. They’re fixed on to the wall and will take the brunt of heavy traffic passing through that room – unless you live with a herd of rhinos, we’re not entirely sure that wall panels are an equal opponent to a Rhino. Selfie Station – Is it narcissistic to completely transform a room for better photos? All your followers will be thinking ‘Oh my god does Becky live in a high-end hotel?’ or ‘What cool and super expensive venue is she at now?!’. If you need some wall panelling inspo check out these fantastic designs & ideas.

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