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If you play around with the textiles, you will find that you can create a light and airy feel while maintaining the colour scheme chosen in your home. If you are going through with a monochrome scheme, adding some velvet, fluffy finishes, waffle pillows or throws adds gripping yet simple detailing and visual depth to the room. Pairing textiles such as velvets with a contrasting fabric like satin can elevate a space by creating further abysm in texture. It is a considerate misconception that monochrome themed interiors heavily rely on shades of black to create a visual chasm. For example, the below pictures are of two different monochromatic themed living rooms which have used shading, textures and accessories to create the rich minimalist finished look while maintaining character. Books, centrepieces, throws and plants are a perfect way of updating a comfortable look into a finished and designed appearance.

By stacking a few “show” books or centrepieces, you create smaller and subtle focus pieces that catch both you and your guest’s eyes. Similar to accessorising, this is where you can insert simple contrasting elements into your space to either complement the furniture or stand out all on its own; this would depend on what kind of feel you are going for in your living room.

For a cleaner finish, many people prefer simpler furniture complimented with elaborate pieces of art that coincide with their colour scheme while providing some surprising elements.

For example, a bright splash of orange can warm up the entire finish of the room while maintaining the overall theme of black, white and grey. Depending on how bright and intense you go with your splashes of colour, the more you can play with the overall feel and atmosphere inside the room. Vinyl’s, picture frames, shelf decorations and mirrors are a great way of adding character and personality to your home.

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