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Half walls are a great way to divide rooms while still keeping the feeling of having an open floor plan. These seven DIY projects can help you turn your half wall into a beautiful and useful part of your home’s interior design.

Whether you love reading and have run out of space for your books or you want to display souvenirs and collectibles you’ve acquired throughout your travels, turning your half wall into a bookcase is the perfect DIY project for you! Thrifty Decor Chick takes you step-by-step to achieving a beautiful built-in bookcase in her half wall. If your half wall is looking a little flat and uninteresting, why not give it a quick update with some molding? If the previous entry isn’t extravagant enough for you, here’s a half wall that’s been given a complete face-lift with molding!

There’s an easy way to make your staircase half wall look new and beautiful: newel posts! Find out how to add your own newel post to your half wall over at The Joy of Moldings. If you have an exterior half wall that’s showing its age, give it a makeover with artificial stone panels. Artificial stone cuts down on costs as well as manpower and heavy lifting, so it’s the perfect DIY project for just about anyone. House Kaboodle shows us how she built a DIY transom window entryway that looks absolutely stunning! Just Call Me Homegirl turned her boring and slightly unsafe iron railing into a beautiful half wall with a built-in bookcase.

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