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You need a place that motivates you to have your ‘me time’ and apply your makeup or face-care routine in a peaceful manner. Other things to consider are the mirror position and size, the lighting so you can see well without any shadows, and storage to hold all your cosmetics and hygiene products.

Paint it white or your favorite color and add a vintage mirror in between open shelves. Paint them a fresh color, add baskets for your things, and upholster an old chair with new fabric.

All you need is a small or medium-sized table, an unused chair, and a vintage or modern mirror. You can use your dresser as your makeup vanity by adding a small mirror on top and shelves on the side.

Its storage space is useful in carrying all your cosmetic products in the top drawers, as well as any daily-use item in the bottom. A furniture brand like Ikea houses many storage units and shelves at an affordable price that can be utilized as a vanity. Having your shelves wall-mounted, as in floating above the ground, can be extremely beneficial and a gorgeous addition to your room. Combine two shelves, mount them on the wall with enough space in between for your makeup boxes and baskets.

Add a mirror and maybe hooks on the sides for your accessories as well as a glam rug underneath. Mount a small shelf, or use one bar stool with a hanging mirror, and you’ll have a nice and useful vanity.

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