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Many of us may have attempted a little landscape lighting design in the backyard since that’s where we congregate with family and friends. Front yard lights direct visitors to the front entry, but also accent the garden, highlight the architecture of your home and provide security – needs and considerations not required by the backyard.

Here are 8 tips from landscape designer Jenny Peterson over at Houzz on front yard lighting and excellent home improvement project: The front door is an important part of a guest’s first impression of your home. Outdoor wall sconces can be the main source of light for the front door or can be used to add a classic touch with subtle gas lamps.” Via Add lighting to provide security and act as a “roadmap” for nighttime visitors.

Jenny recommends using, “Soft lighting to show off foliage and create a welcoming nighttime ambiance is a thoughtful touch for people visiting your house, but it’s also a great feature in case you want to walk through your own garden at night without a flashlight.” Garden Lighting Tips here. Plus you’ll find lots of cool garage light fixtures.

“Houses that are well lit make it more difficult for unwanted visitors to hide.” Jenny shares. A variety of lighting around the property and house gets rid of the shadows and provides security.

They can highlight a beautiful flower bed or an interesting yard sculpture. From the experts at Lumière, located in Westlake Village, California, on keeping your outdoor-lighting fixtures in shape: Via

Periodic cleaning can help reduce calcium deposits from water falling on fixtures and lenses. If the deposits are heavy, use a household cleaner formulated to remove lime.

Verify that landscaping and vegetation are not shielding the fixture and blocking the light.

front yard lighting ideas
front yard lighting ideas

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