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In this sophisticated living room, a pretty sky blue creates a refined foundation, set off by elegant furnishings and classic draperies. The bold color lends the space a sense of energy and vitality while making the blue feel all the more lush by contrast.

We’re fans of the soft sage green that colors this room’s walls, trim, doors, and sofa upholstery as well as smaller pieces such as the glass candleholders. The Allure of Noncolors Tones that are hard to pinpoint—a blue that shines silvery gray, a mutable off-white—can make for a wonderfully sophisticated scheme.

Bringing in plenty of sparkle through metallic finishes and glass and crystal elements, plus a touch of high-contrast black as a chic punctuation. Vibrant Evenings At the opposite end of the spectrum, this dining room uses highly saturated colors to create an elegant entertaining space.

A rich plum grass-cloth paper covers the walls, set off by peach and gold tones in the chair cushions, pillows, and rug. Pairing lush indigo blues—vintage dyed textiles, chinoiserie ceramics, and fluid abstract paintings—with deep red walls, this space has a cool, high-contrast look.

Dark polished wood and caramel leather help ground the bold mix, while ivory-tone upholstery lends a little breathing room.

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