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Made from warm-toned material, butcher block has been a favorite amongst kitchen owners for a long time. The white kitchen looks utterly beautiful and creates an everlasting impression among your visitors too. If you are searching for some amazing white kitchen with butcher block island ideas, you have reached the right place. If you are one of those who like to keep it authentic, then a butcher block island that is head to toe made from white wood is perfect for you. These butcher block islands look amazing in a kitchen that’s entirely white themed. To ensure that your kitchen with a butcher block island gives a more realistic vibe, you can opt for dim yellow lights.

Add tiny details to your island top like some rough scratching or drawings from your little ones etc. Add wooden stools for sitting, lay a beautiful floral or polka dot carpet to decorate the area around your white kitchen butcher block island, and see how your tiny little space will change into a stylish kitchen space. Farmhouse white kitchen with a coloured backsplash and butcher block countertop:

With this, you won’t just save your walls from getting messy, but it will also create a nice little colourful aspect in your all-white kitchen. The Scandinavian designs are known for creating beautiful mergers between the white and wooden materials. A perfect amalgamation of wooden work with a white kitchen can be achieved with butcher blocks.

As this style of white kitchen with a butcher block island design is all about simplicity, you should not add any extra effort to decorating it. To make sure that there is some kind of uniformity in your kitchen’s whole design, you can have vertical wooden panels that will merge with your butcher block island perfectly. If you want some country feel in your city home, you should try introducing a wooden backsplash in your modern white kitchen.

Spice up your white kitchen with butcher block island by adding interesting colour.

You can opt for beautiful teal or maroon-coloured chairs in your kitchen and create an eat-in space for your family and friends. Give your kitchen sink and taps a goldish touch to make it look a little historical.

Add on some rustic chairs and make sure that your butcher block island looks a bit rough.

Examples of Stylish Butcher Block Countertops
Examples of Stylish Butcher Block Countertops
Examples of Stylish Butcher Block Countertops
Examples of Stylish Butcher Block Countertops

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