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***Please visit my facebook page HERE for the tutorial on making the candy cane wall hanging. I found myself with some unwanted golden colored ornaments.

Well, I make such a big , fat MESS when I decorate, that I had every surface covered with stuff! down but everywhere was so full, I ended up popping it on top of the bowl. (all found this year, for a song at Goodwill and Salvation Army) I placed a kissing ball I bought at a local boutique a few years back under glass.

My sister got me this sweet, vintage inspired snowman. white, “shabby style” wire basket It was filled with mini pumpkins throughout the Fall season and now holds Honeycrisp Apples.

A few festive dish towels got added so that the oven wouldn’t feel left out. My favorite snowman gets the place of honor at the center of the table.

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