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Today we have a room makeover reveal, for three kids, in one sweet attic space who are part of the most lovely and grateful family in Seattle. We did this in partnership with Velux Skylights, one of my favorite partners who continues to put so much thought into their makeovers and truly change the lives of families. I enjoyed every single second of this makeover (besides Covid pushing it off constantly for almost three years) and can’t wait to show you how my team, led by Julie Rose, nailed this design.

If you have a second check out this beautiful video the Velux team made, with quite possibly the best kid’s reaction ever (and that is usually so hard because there are cameras in their face and they are typically in shock). You might not remember but right before Covid/lockdown, we did a call out for another Brighten Up Any Room surprise makeover for a deserving family. We received a lot of submissions and while I tried to stay local in L.A., Dina’s family in Seattle felt like the right fit in every way and I really connected to her story.

It was such a good challenge for us to solve and this room was perfectly in need of some Velux skylights. As you can see it was very dark and like most busy moms, overwhelmed with how to design spaces, Dina needed advice on how to even start to tackle this room.

Listen, my kids both slept on mattresses on the floor for over a year because I didn’t know how to lay out their shared bedroom and I’m literally a professional with a team of help, so I had a lot of empathy for Dina. Then life moved us to Portland (she is in LA) so now she works for Velinda Hellen Design (also former EHD!

Playful and colorful – The words “treehouse” and “room of clouds” were thrown around. Gender-neutral – With two girls and a boy, we wanted to make sure it felt flexible.

During Covid, we arranged to have the skylights put in since it only involved 1-2 people over 1 day (whereas our crew was large, would be there for a week, and necessitated traveling). I was happy that at least Dina and her kids had a brighter room while they waited for the world to be safe enough for us to come up. The angled ceilings now with two windows and two skylights made it ripe for decorating. We just had to figure out how to make it work for the changing needs and wants of three growing kids.

As a mom, I wanted her to be able to see any red flags for how her specific kids lived. She was a complete and utter JOY to work with – just so grateful, trusted us so much, making it a really really fun creative process.

It’s quite possibly the cutest and best-shared bedroom for three young kids that I’ve ever seen. Between the wallpaper, the Velux skylights, the rug, the incredible layout, and the styling – these kids got a dream bedroom and the EHD family feels so proud to be a part of it.

Julie Rose was the lead designer, Emily Bowser styled it, and it was shot by Sara Tramp – it was a real reunion of the best kind and they did such a good job I could cry (and have). This whole makeover was in partnership with Velux, as I’m a massive believer in how much natural light can change/improve a room – and the more the better in the Pacific Northwest.

Ideally, your ceiling would be vaulted, and if not then more construction is required to install them (but doable). They can open and close like a window – which is incredible for airflow in a second-floor bedroom.

Obviously, they come with the Velux No Leak warranty and while they can get dusty, the specialized glass is super slick, so rain washes most of it away. Sleeping 4 In A Room Without Bunk Beds – The Layout And Creating “Zones” It’s the perfect complement to the space, where it helps to frame the window, adding coziness, but doesn’t overwhelm the room at all.

Then I, of course, also love how Bowser added the flower light garland to make this room even more whimsical. Storage Bed | Corner Unit | Sconces (similar) | Mattress | Cloud Comforter | Unicorn Pillow | Flower String Lights That corner piece is made for this configuration – it gives the book storage and surface area for a “nightstand”.

It’s a small space so we couldn’t choose anything too busy or anything too “linear” or graphic. Emily Bowser really thought through all the styling details (the heart mirror, the necklace hooks) and those pillows add so much playfulness and coziness. We created this cute little reading zone under the canopy and added vertical bookshelves (that my kids loved when they were little) so they could see the books easily and again maximize the wall space. This side of the room houses the dresser and an art space in the corner.

We ordered a beautiful hutch from Anthropologie that didn’t get there till the day after the shoot to go where the dresser is. The dresser that’s there was supposed to go under the AC until so Emily B., Sara and Lauren improvised and put hooks and shoe storage for the shoot 🙂

Stacking Bins | Painted Wood Hooks | Quilted Backpack | Umbrella I love that mirror so much – all the details were nailed and every corner was addressed for function and style. I also love that there are plenty of pieces that don’t look “little kid” and will age with them – like that awesome boucle ottoman from Article. Dina and her husband now have this incredibly bright room that really meets the needs and wants of her kids.

Thanks to Velux for giving the EHD team an opportunity to design such a fun space for such a lovely family. Lead design by Julie Rose | Styled by Emily Bowser and Assisted by Lauren Day | Photography and Production by Sara Ligorria-Tramp.

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