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Does the thought of being able to put your feet up for a marathon session of Desperate Housewives Orange County (so tan and so crazy) sound amazing? Knowing how to look for a right-arm facing chaise or a left-arm facing chaise is the difference between your sofa fitting in your house or being sold immediately in the classified ads because it’s backwards. I’ve learned in my wise young age that even though I can easily geek out on these kind of decisions, it isn’t so for most people.

It can be called both a couch and a sofa and is a single unit piece without any extensions or add-ons. I attached a photo and diagram below that breaks down what a corner piece with 2 equal length one-arm sofas looks like. Why use your coffee table when you can have a full-on couch to put your feet on?

A U-shaped sectional might be your speed so you can both put your feet up at the same time! An armless sofa in the center, surrounded by two chaise lounges make a perfect U shape. You’re probably wondering what that weird “right-arm facing”thing I was talking about means.

Here’s an explanation and a few other rules that you cannot forget before ordering up your dream couch.

That means if you’re sitting on your couch, the arm will be on the right if it’s RAS and on the left if it’s LAS.

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