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In 1921, a cedar shake Colonial Revival home was designed and brought to life by the prominent Atlanta architect Neel Reid. The home was built for then-Georgia governor, Hugh M. Dorsey and, during its early years, included a horse barn in the backyard and cows that would graze up and down the avenue. On the second floor, the master bedroom was moved to the old sleeping porch, and a fourth full bathroom was added to service one of the guest rooms. Downstairs, the kitchen was returned to its original historic design by creating a scullery and butler’s pantry, and a china closet was added in the dining room. Both Ingram and Easterling remain devoted fans of Reid’s work and have spent years researching and studying his designs. Their passion for the history, combined with Long’s talent for selecting proper and beautiful furnishings and finishes, made the three an ideal team.

“Neel Reid was often called the ‘Master of Scale,’ and he certainly did not disappoint with this one.” Since the wife is British, the designers also prioritized intertwining English touches throughout the decor while highlighting its fascinating history.

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