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It’s part of a larger basement remodel (see mudroom, bathroom, and living room posts here). So it was not surprising that their 12-year-old son, J, wanted a look that highlighted his love of mountain biking and the Pacific Northwest for his new room. Emily was great at steering us toward bold patterns and prints that felt fun and age-appropriate.

Bed | Round Nightstand | Vintage Light Bulb Lamp | Blanket (similar) | Oregon Pennant | Graffiti Artwork | Curtain Fabric This initial footprint was too large to be a bathroom and too small to be the bedroom we needed, so we had to borrow some square footage. To ensure the space was up to code, JP installed an egress window for some natural light.

After a little door shuffling, the final layout was so much more functional for how the clients wanted to move through and use each space. If you wanna see the full finished basement so you can get a better sense of the floorplan, watch this video (just wait for the ad to play!)

The color blocking originally started out as a two-tone idea (see below for the inspo), but once we got some samples in the space, it felt like there was too much going on. It reads more blue in person but has enough green to feel tonal with the overall basement color scheme.

When thinking of who to hire to paint the space, Renee from Some Kinda Landscape immediately came to mind. She worked in visual display at Rejuvenation and Anthropologie and is amazing at tricky painting techniques.

Use a quality painter’s tape (like FrogTape) in long strips…about the length of your arm. Make sure you really press the tape down to get out air bubbles (especially important on textures like orange peel).

We chose warm wood tones to bring in some visual warmth (and to offset the gray Portland days), as well as help ground all the color and pattern. By using a variety of shapes in the furniture and decor we hoped to make the space feel a little more dynamic and youthful.

The color scheme was blue & green with pops of yellow, orange, and red to bring some energy and provide contrast. Vintage Hoop Chair (similar) | Bookcase | Check Pillow | Rug

Chair | Pinboard (similar) | Tieg Lamp | PRead More Books Pennant The built-in desk and shelving were done in white oak planks and finished with a matte wax. We wanted the space to feel bright and happy so we kept all the wood tones on the lighter side and introduced some variations throughout. The paint line wrapped the whole space including this fun nook which made the room feel larger and more cohesive.

Artwork and shelving were intentionally placed off-set from the paint line or intersecting it. (HOT TIP: When doing a built-in desk don’t forget to add in holes for your cables in an out-of-the-way place.

I hope you enjoyed reading about it and got some ideas if you’re tackling a teen room in the future.

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