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For an affordable and functional area that doubles as a home or workspace and a barn, a metal building might be exactly what you need. Often called barndominiums, metal barns with living quarters hold incredible potential while remaining cost-effective and easy to install and maintain. The sky is the limit with your barndominium: use it as a home, workspace, barn, storage area, garage, office space, home gym, art studio, boat storage, and more.

This article outlines the benefits of metal barns with living quarters, plus the step-by-step guide to planning yours. Store your cars in the garage or work as a mechanic to make additional profits. Depend on the security of a metal barn to store vintage cars, motorcycles, boats, or any other vehicle.

A qualified manufacturer can personalize the size, floor plan, and amenities of your custom metal building. Alpha Structures recommends that clients take physical measurements of their intended site, which helps to visually imagine the dimensions of the metal barn with living quarters and ensures that the client is happy with the end result. Metal barns with living quarters are surprisingly affordable, especially when compared with other building materials like wood and brick.

With Alpha Structures, your metal barn with living quarters is endlessly customizable. Choose a color scheme and design that complements your property and add landscaping and lighting to elevate the appearance of your new building. Alpha Structures gives a 12% discount if the customer picks up the raw materials and 10% for a drop-off.

Keep in mind that these metal buildings don’t come with instructions, so only attempt installation if you are truly confident in your abilities. Call one of our qualified agents to talk through your project and trust that you are in good hands.

Ready to plan your commercial metal building? Our guide will show you how. No  personal info required to access!
Ready to plan your commercial metal building? Our guide will show you how. No personal info required to access!
Metal Buildings Cost
Metal Buildings Cost

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