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Here’s what to keep in mind to make these three mega-popular tile styles the stars of the bathroom, without overdoing it to the point of looking dated. So a trend coming in hot can leave us all feeling the chill too quickly to even consider the investment.

If you want this look to be worth the expense, check out worldly, eclectic patterns that invoke decades-past appreciation. Mix and match items from different eras to pair with this beautiful tile; combinations of modern and vintage decor will always create a balanced style that's worthy of a second (and third and fourth) glance.

Glass tile fans tend to favor blues, whites, and grays over warmer hues. While the overall frequency of its use in a room may ebb and flow (as tastes tend to do), you can keep this look fresh by being willing to think outside of the mass-produced box.

If you’re intending to flip a home, you generally have a shorter timeline and your style isn’t the only one you need to appeal to. Aim for a happy medium of on-trend and classic tile styles that will likely appeal to the greatest number of buyers. If you are choosing tile just for you, then the possibilities are virtually endless, making the extra effort or cost worth the splurge!

Natural wood bathroom stool before wall of green glass tiles
Natural wood bathroom stool before wall of green glass tiles

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