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It can make you a dressing area, visually enhance your interior, and add decorative value to your sleeping quarters. While big mirrors may seem impractical and high-maintenance, slim sliding doors simply won’t give you as much visual expansion as wall-to-wall designs.

A great solution for a narrow bedroom would be a wardrobe stretching across an entire wide wall clad in a mirror. Some freestanding mirrors come with additional storage, which is useful for preparing ironed, creaseless outfits in advance.

There is a lot of creative ideas to be found in modern bedroom mirror designs. In addition, a different mirror tint may become an unexpected, fresh color accent in modern bedroom decor.

A clothing rack and a full-sized mirror make for a very fashionable and convenient dressing area in the bedroom. You can, of course, simply hang a coat rack to keep a few items nearby, while hiding the bulk of the clothes inside a closed wardrobe. From live edge to golden brass to polymer clay, frame designs can give you much more diversity of style and element. Sarah Lavoine and Monika Siwińska did a great job combining Haute aesthetic and function but in a Hotel Praktik Rambla in Barcelona, the mirror-tiled feature wall is nothing more than a design element.

A creative frame or even a string of lights can turn a functional mirror into a feature that can’t be easily ignored.

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