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Always ahead of the pack, Behr recently announced that their 2023 Color of the Year is Blank Canvas. As an off-white shade, Blank Canvas is a safe bet for the color-reluctant and a touch warmer than other beloved swatches from the brand like Frost or Polar Bear. Katy Kelleher, a Maine-based writer and color enthusiast, thinks the most interesting thing about Blank Canvas is its name. “The name evokes another material—fabric—in attempts to add depth and interest to what is, essentially, just a faint shade of ivory,” she says in an email. Katy also notes that there’s not shortage of off-white names for fabric, “like shironuri (Japanese for unbleached silk), drab (named for rough homespun fabric), or ecru (unbleached linen).” She adds that the decision is “an overly safe choice—perhaps that’s the point.” Take the theme to heart by repainting entire walls or sticking to smaller bursts of the warm white.

Victoria Sass’s design firm, Prospect Refuge, is known for its ingenious pops of unexpected color, justifying her first reaction to Behr’s 2023 pick. According to Véra Kempf, co-founder of Singulart, warm whites like Blank Canvas are often found in French homes.

Warm white walls are the ideal foundation for pulling in artwork and furniture that speaks to your own unique personality. “Brown leather, white curls, or pink velvet will become the flagship pieces of your interior and bring all the softness and comfort you aspire to.”

This is how your kitchen could look with Behrs 2023 Color of the Year.
This is how your kitchen could look with Behrs 2023 Color of the Year.

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