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An added bonus of a makeup vanity desk is that it looks super cute as bedroom decor. Below, I’ll share everything you need to know to set up a cute and functional makeup vanity space in your bedroom.

One huge part of picking out a vanity is deciding on the shape that you want . This is a great option for those of us who don’t want to miss a thing when doing our makeup. This folding makeup vanity desk will make sure that you look absolutely flawless because the mirrors will show you every angle of your face. Also, an added bonus to this small space-approved makeup vanity desk is that it comes with storage.

You’ll have a whole drawer to store your favorite supplies, plus plenty of space on top for everything else. If your room is giving more of an eclectic or boho-chic style, I definitely recommend going for this mid-century vanity makeup desk! It has a whopping five drawers so you can stay super organized and keep your vanity top mostly clear.

They allow you to control the lighting on the mirror using the touch screen feature, so you can get it exactly how you want. If this sounds cool to you, I recommend this touchscreen mirror, available on Amazon. This is also a cool alternative to the classic light bulbs on the outside of the mirror.

It has both a drawer and an included set of mini organizers to keep on top of the vanity for the products you use every day. An added bonus is that it will also save you the time and effort of having to put a full vanity together.

Like the other wall-mounted vanity listed above, this one is small and doesn’t take up any floor space.

I particularly love this bedroom makeup vanity idea because this vanity can hold your hot tools (blow dryer, flat iron) and even your tech (phone, tablet) while you get ready!

There’s also tons of storage included in this sleek vanity; it’s all-around perfect. If you want the classic vanity with the large mirror and bright lighting, I recommend adding this one to your room!

This vanity is pretty big, so you will need to make sure that you have enough space for it in your bedroom. As a bonus, the mirror folds down in this unit, so you can use the table as a desk when you are done getting ready.

If your room has a preppy and elegant vibe to it, I recommend going for this rose-carving makeup vanity desk! It comes in white and has an oval-shaped mirror that will work perfectly for your classy look in your room.

Related reading: The Cutest Preppy Room Ideas We’re Obsessing Over If that’s your vibe, I absolutely love this modern-style vanity from Amazon.

Plus, it comes with its own matching seating to save you the hassle of finding a separate chair. This corner vanity will do the trick if you are looking for some more things to add to the empty space in your room or if you are looking for something that will be easier to fit with your other furniture.

However, if you want extra storage space or if you want to put some decor and items on display, this vanity desk with shelves is a great option.

The 13 best makeup vanity ideas header
The 13 best makeup vanity ideas header

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