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The soothing boho vibe is a great aesthetic to implement across your whole home, but it’s especially amazing in a bedroom because it evokes calm. And who doesn’t want the space where they sleep to feel like the perfect resting place? Scroll on as I delve into all of the furniture and decor you’ll need to transform your bedroom into a stunning boho space for free spirits to kick back and relax! I know, in the past the true boho style has been a little bright and bold, but the look we’re channelling here is that calming white and beige vibe. You know, the one with loads of natural elements, earthy tones and a touch of coastal influence. In terms of accent colours, a boho style bedroom shines when creams, beiges, camel and tan tones, and barely-there greys play together atop the white base palette.

Regardless if it’s a large space or small one, master or guest room, you’ll want furniture styles that celebrate natural materials. Furniture that works in a boho design has less polish, and less clean lines.

That’s why some vintage pieces of furniture in light timber tones can work really well in a boho bedroom; it’s that sense of age and character you’re looking for.

The same goes for softer textures; you want to keep it organic in feel; crushed linens on the bed, rope on walls, jute or wool rugs on the floor, and wool in carpet if you can’t do hard flooring.

If you don’t give some variance to the room, the space feels quite unwelcoming really quickly. A bohemian bedroom is all about creating an airy feel, so don’t go too heavy with your bedside tables.

You could easily choose a side table you’d normally put in a living room if you don’t need the storage. Nobody wants their room look to head in a predictable direction, which is why I think bed styling is the best.

It gives you the ability to create your very own bohemian look that nobody else will have, mixing a number of individual pieces together on your bedscape. White bedding is an obvious choice in terms of sheets and pillow covers, but don’t be afraid to look to quilts in beige, soothing grey, or design patterns that mix a few neutral tones together.

Floor pillows and beanbags also work incredibly well in a bohemian bedroom. As I mentioned earlier, wool carpet in a boho bedroom is a delicious idea because it really turns up the warm and cosy feels.

Round rugs in small boho bedrooms will work a treat. You can’t have too much cosiness in a bohemian style bedroom, so the more texture in boho decor you can introduce, the better. Another crazy idea for a chic bedroom in a boho style is to place a rug on a wall.

But trust me, a lightweight boho rug on a wall above your bed can be a real show-stopper! Or, why not install a thin shelf on the back wall behind your bed and style lots of different boho decor pieces and fairy lights across it? Outside of those, artworks that depict nature (like landscapes) in muted colours are great too.

If you’re a true boho enthusiast, you’ll want to channel nature through indoor plants and flowers. You can get faux varieties already made up in a vase if you love an easy solution, or you can get individual stems and reeds to create your own personalised arrangement. I hope you found all of these interior design ideas on boho bedroom decor inspiring.

boho rattan headboard in bohemian bedroom with cushions on bed
boho rattan headboard in bohemian bedroom with cushions on bed
boho bedroom decor headboards for a bohemian bedroom
boho bedroom decor headboards for a bohemian bedroom
boho decor bedroom bohemian table lamps pendants
boho decor bedroom bohemian table lamps pendants

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