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Look at any interior design themed social media account and you will be sure to see beautiful and modern white cabinets in every post. Our top pick for kitchen countertop material is granite, a naturally found stone that is stain, scratch and heat resistant. Check out 25 granite swatches from our collection that could go great with white cabinets in almost any home decor style. This is an incredible, elegant stone that, mixed with white cabinetry, could be a great new addition to your home. By pairing this stone with white cabinetry, you open the door to adding decor of just about any shade. This is not a subtle stone, your guests will not miss the thick, snakelike veining, especially when paired with white cabinetry.

Ambrosia White is an off-white stone with grey veining and small spotting of burgundy. This is a unique but versatile piece as it features both a neutral background but also hints of a statement color.

This multicolored beauty can easily scare the boldest of homeowners away, but fret not, as white cabinetry can be the perfect balancing act when paired with this unique stone. We also recommend pairing the combination of white cabinets and Arcobaleno Blue with simple but unexpected wooden decor. Tan with grey and brown subtle spotting and veining, this is a consistent stone that can be paired with just about anything without being too distracting. In combination, tan and white will pair well with just about any other color, but we recommend also bringing in some stainless steel elements to add sophistication to the room.

This is a classic grey stone with thin veining of dark brown and white spotting. For our bold readers, we recommend this daring stone which combines large sediments of white and black in a splotchy pattern.

Use gold statement hardware to create an even more glamorous room, or tone it down with other white decor. White-on-white kitchens are an effortless trend these days, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room to have fun. A classic kitchen with wooden features would make this combination shine, as would a more elegant and luxurious room with gold hardware. Pair it with a stone like Harvest Cream, featuring a white background but also beige and gold patches.

The warmth of this stone can be brought out even further with warm decor elements, like orange, gold, yellow or even red. Just like the name suggests, this stone looks like a perfect brown cup of coffee, with small flecks of white sediment acting like sugar.

Most homeowners looking to have a neutral toned kitchen will go for beiges, greys or taupes; rarely do they go for a deep brown shade like this one.

These simple and contrasting shades will add charm to a room that is less extreme than a standard black and white combination. White cabinets paired with this stone will help bring brightness to a room that is darkened by the coloring on this slab. This stone has a mix of purple, grey and red, creating an illusion of a galaxy in your home.

This stone mixes these unique romantic tones and creates a beautiful pattern worthy of any kitchen. Pairing this with white cabinetry would be extremely striking; your guests will be in awe at the almost space-like atmosphere.

We’ve discussed pairing white cabinets with a variety of colors from blue to green to grey to brown, but what about rose?

Although subtle and close to brown, this is still an undoubtedly pink shade, making it extremely unique.

White cabinets paired with a rosy shade like this is extremely romantic, capable of captivating your guests. Fall deep into the ocean theme by surrounding this combination with nautical decor, or lean towards something more sophisticated with modern style furnishing.

This is an incredibly busy design with waves of veins like a dark cloudy night sky. This combination will pair well with colors similar to those in the stone’s design, like black furniture or grey-toned stainless steel appliances, or one could add in wooden elements for something different.

Just like a painting by the impressionist artist, this absolutely breathtaking stone features mixes of blues, browns, greens and whites. This stone would be a waste not used as a statement piece, so pairing it with white cabinets is a fantastic decision. Deep and unique, Verde Gaia is a striking stone of dark grey mixed with lighter veining. It is easy to assume your new kitchen design will be bright, airy and almost juvenile with white cabinets, but that is definitely not the case with the many dark granite options that would pair well with it.

Paired with white cabinets, which will help to balance out the darkness this stone has, your kitchen will be the new focal point of your home. This is a perfect stone for someone looking to add drama to their all-white kitchen but still maintain a harmonious design. If you are looking to break up the space, consider adding wooden accents to the room to create a Scandinavian vibe. has over 600 granite countertop options in just about any shade, from black to white, to beige to brown, even green to pink.

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