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A black wall can be a beautiful addition to your design but you do have to make sure you don’t overdo it. Black walls are both modern and dramatic and can make your space feel cozier and more inviting.

Practically every color goes with black but if you are thinking about putting it on the wall, you should generally opt for light and bright neutral shades to pull the look together.

White or off-white curtains, furniture, vases and throw pillows will stand out and pop against the dark wall helping the room come together. Add a few wood elements to the room to really put it over the edge. When you are adding a black accent wall to a room, it’s important to think about the space as a whole to get the most dramatic effect.

Using light-colored linens in the room and in general will keep everything from looking too heavy and dreary. A black wall is perfect for displaying light-colored or even white artwork.

The fun part about a black accent wall is you don’t have to stick to the traditional artwork, you can play around with unique wall decor to really personalize the space. If you want to add a whole new level of elegance to the room, repeat the color black somewhere else. Here are some rooms with black walls that will hopefully give you some ideas on how you can incorporate this look into your own home. This is the perfect example of using light neutral colors to make the space work.

This room pulls in the greenery, white bedding, neutral rug, and black light fixture to create a master bedroom that looks inviting. So go ahead and add that black accent wall in the bedroom, you won’t regret it! Find some cheap home decor to add to the shelves and you have a stunning statement wall! When you have a partially large living room, incorporating a black wall can help it to feel more intimate and inviting.

With more and more people working from home, having an office space that you enjoy being in can help you be more productive. One of the things I love about this office space is how they incorporated black shelves.

Related: 53 Easy Home Office Wall Decor Ideas I just love how the combination of black and texture really makes a room look inviting. You could easily keep costs down by adding faux shiplap and painting it black!

One thing to consider is painting the longest wall in the bathroom black as it will help the room appear larger by emphasizing the length.

If you want to take the look up a few notches, consider finishing off the space with black hardware such as cabinet knobs, light fixtures, and frames. Notice how this bathroom pulls in the white colors, greenery, and natural light.

I love how the subtle pattern of this black wallpaper adds a bit of character to this bedroom. This black silk wallpaper has just a bit of texture to it and the best part is that it is peel & stick!

Remember that it’s the neutral colors, greenery, and lighting that really make this space work.

For a more budget-friendly option, install faux brick panel and paint it black.

Hopefully, you picked up some ideas on how you can incorporate a black accent wall into your home.

White knit blanket on wood background
White knit blanket on wood background
Black accent wall with wainscoting in bedroom
Black accent wall with wainscoting in bedroom

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