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Drop leaf may need adjustment: instructional video Wood samples showing base color options are available for purchase. Its top is maple, appreciated for its strength, neutral colors (light to medium browns) and uniform appearance. Adding to the Grazzi’s broad appeal, its base comes in a variety of colors - some paint and some stain. Each rail is the full length of the table’s top, so the only joints run parallel to one another, enhancing maple’s mellow, uniform appearance. Of course, the 8” wide drop leaf employs the same construction style, so when it’s extended, the effect is quite soothing and even hypnotic. It combines natural beeswax with mineral oil to drive moisture deep into the wood and to keep it there.

Vertical notches carved into sides of the table’s hefty, square legs add visual interest and a touch of class. Use it to stow pots and pans, small appliances or just about anything that won’t fit in cabinets or drawers. Speaking of drawers, two spacious ones built into the Grazzi’s apron are a convenient spot for silverware, linen, utensils and small kitchen tools.

butcher block kitchen islands
butcher block kitchen islands

Blue And Green Translucent Leaves

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