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The skate/surf lifestyle brand and the Van Gogh Museum teamed up to release a collection of footwear and apparel featuring art by the famous Dutch post-impressionist painter. High art and hip street fashion meet in a new collection that features works by master painter Vincent Van Gogh printed on shoes and apparel from skate/surf lifestyle brand Vans. Four main bodies of Van Gogh’s works serve as themes in the collection, including Skull, Almond Blossom, Sunflowers, and the artist’s self-portrait.

Meanwhile, collection pieces include hangtags that highlight historical facts behind Van Gogh’s creations.

In a cool move, the Van Gogh Museum says it is dedicating part of its profits from collection sales to preserving Van Gogh’s legacy and collection of art, keeping it accessible for future generations. Fans of the famous Dutch post-impressionist painter, who lived and died in obscurity in the latter half of the 19th Century before his popularity later exploded, will be interested to know that Van Gogh’s studies of skeletons feature on the Vans Classic Slip-On, a long-sleeve tee, hoodie and hat.

Other works in the collection include the Authentic sneaker finished in one of Van Gogh’s iconic Sunflowers paintings. The satin material bomber jacket featuring a digital print of Almond Blossom is especially cool, we think. For one thing, it showcases the incredible printing that can be achieved on footwear – a niche category in promo that could potentially be expanded.

Vans X Van Gogh Museum's Exclusive Collaboration Is A Truly Artful One

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