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Sure, we want things to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but making each space and home unique is the fun of design. A kitchen usually has a lot of cabinets which makes up a big portion of the room.

There are endless possibilities of color combinations for a kitchen – some being more seamless, lighter and brighter. While others can add lots of contrast with dark cabinets and lighter walls. I would always recommend choosing a few different paint sample options, bringing them back to the kitchen area, and comparing them to the cabinet door in that particular setting. Basically, it is pretty simple, you choose a paint color that you love for your walls.

Well, this may be the hard part first, but once you have a wall paint color the rest is pretty easy. Another thing to consider is it will take a little longer on production time for a custom painted cabinet.

Then, as mentioned previously, this will cost you more than a factory painted color finish.

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