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I woke up this morning missing my buddy Chino the Handyman dearly and just for a moment wished we were back in Washington state so I could ask him WHAT GROUT COLOR we should choose for our subway tile. It seems the HH and I are at a bit of an impasse and I may just have to go away for the weekend because I want to scream.

But then I go back to the fact that a little strip of backsplash isn’t going to turn someone off from buying a house.

And all I’m going for in the end is a light, bright, clean and simple home.

Basically I had to listen to him say what a mess it was going to make while he paced back and forth around the kitchen and out to the garage and back with his hands in the air ranting like a total nutter for about 2 hours. We tried bright white {which let me tell you is the OPPOSITE of CHARCOAL on the grout spectrum}.

Better, because it wasn’t white white and although you can’t tell from this photo it did give the spaces between the tiles a wee bit of depth. Someone, mentioned they had used Delorean grey with their white backsplash in their kitchen and loved it. This isn’t our dream home {but we do LOVE the area}. We wanted to get rid of the clunky yellow tile, yellow walls and really just refresh the house without going overboard.

If you had to choose {and I am asking you to choose} bright white, snow white or charcoal grout, {or maybe even the Delorean grey which we didn’t do a sample of} WHICH grout color do you think would look best with white walls and the tile we have up now.

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