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My earlier childhood days, we had a real tree. But as I grew up, my mom transitioned to a faux tree with lights.

But as we grew up, my mom experimented with themed trees.

One year, we made spool doll ornaments for the whole tree. When my parents moved (I was already in college by then), my mom started adding more trees. I’ve had large and small trees on our front porch over the years.

Maybe you don’t have a large front porch for a tree, that’s okay. I just keep it very simple with white lights and a tree topper.

I love this tree in a giant crock…definitely makes a statement. I remember my mom had a small tree in her kitchen and she decorated it with cardinals. I’ve had a very plain tree in the kitchen and also fully decorated ones. I like to use tiny bottle brush trees on my shelves or under the cabinets.

But if your Dining area is smaller, you can go with a pencil or a slim tree and keep the decorations very simple. I love a small primitive tree with no lights in the mudroom.

For the Laundry Room, I added a tiny tree with battery powered timer lights.

I also added a collection of bottle brush trees. I really need to add a tree in the Master Bathroom, but there are a lot of changes that I want to make in that room. I like to add a small tree in the Guest Bath/Noah’s Bathroom.

I place a small primitive tree in a vintage urn right on the bathroom counter. If you don’t have a large counter, you can always use a tiny bottle brush tree for a simple look. I use pink, white, and silver decorations in the Master Bedroom on a flocked tree.

Last year, I had a white tree with the same color scheme. Several years ago, my mom gave him his own set of Monster Truck ornaments and he just loves them. In the guest room, I add a simple rose gold tinsel tree with white lights.

I added a small “Charlie Brown” tree with white lights in a basket and it’s the perfect Christmas touch. When we were building our home, I had to have vaulted ceilings in the Living Room specifically for my tree.

We’ve had our Christmas Tree since 2004 and I just haven’t found the right one to replace it.

Some years I’ve done a theme tree with specific colors. The important thing is to find a setup that you love and makes you happy so you can really enjoy the Holiday season in your home.

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