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And, if you're anything like us, you might find yourself longing for a change; a fresh coat of paint in an unexpected hue could be just the antidote to life's monotony. While there aren't any definitive rules when it comes to selecting a color palette (at Hunker, we always advocate choosing a shade that speaks to you) there are some general guidelines to keep in mind that'll help ensure every room in your house has staying power and elicits the vibe you're looking for. Traditionally, people embrace calming hues found in nature such as greens, blues, and white, which help settle the nervous system and lull you to sleep.

On the other hand, dark-hued walls — like grays, inky blues, or blacks — make a bedroom feel moody, cocoon-like, and cozy.

But we can make a strong case for considering jewel tones — like reds, yellows, and sapphire blues — to infuse personality and energy into the boudoir. For example, a primary bath that's used by multiple people or that serves as ground zero for a hectic morning routine will have different color requirements than a powder room reserved for guests.

With an out of the way, enclosed location, powder rooms are the ideal spot for pushing color boundaries that might typically be outside of your comfort zone. Gone are the days when a white cook space was de rigueur; now neutrals such as gray, greige, and cream are sophisticated alternatives with a unique spin. If you prefer to keep up with the color trends, or you just want to personalize your space with more vivid hues, consider yellow, red, orange, black, blue, pink, or green.

Nowadays, dining rooms have many uses that go beyond just eating so it's important to make that space feel welcome and inviting, yet full of personality.

Try to imagine the perfect surroundings for leisurely meals, friendly conversations, casual get-togethers, and even a quiet workspace at times. Do you prefer dramatic black or gray walls, a monochrome beige or white, or something a little more colorful like blue, green, or pink?

Living rooms are multitasking spaces that often pull double-duty, functioning as a central hangout, a site for Netflix binge-watching, and even a casual place to dine. Living room color ideas run the gamut from understated grays and greige to verdant greens, and cheery yellow. It's a popular choice for bathrooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens thanks to its soothing properties and the fact that it plays nicely with a wide range of other colors from yellow to white to purple. If you're looking to make a real statement, or to inject energy into your home, it's pretty hard to beat red room ideas.

It's a popular earth tone that adds warmth and subtle contrast to monochrome spaces and is used as a staple in desert decor. Floor-to-ceiling canary yellow walls infuse this petite contemporary bathroom captured by Nicole Mason with with an allover cheery vibe and a major dose of personality, plus we dig how the sink, toilet, and floor become focal points as the lone white components.

Despite its limited sources of natural and artificial light, this WC manages to maintain its brightness thanks to the golden walls. Whether you're looking to create a bright Scandi kitchen or a bohemian living room, it doesn't get more timeless or versatile than this hue.

But make sure you choose wisely: The color white is available with an array of undertones which can give off feelings of coldness or warmth depending on the shade you select. Black has long been a popular choice for trim and accents, but people shied away from blanketing their walls with it for fear it would make spaces appear smaller. Contrary to popular belief, by absorbing light, the walls in dark rooms are less clearly defined, giving the illusion of more space. Temper the masculine look of black room ideas with high-contrast furniture and feminine accessories, or opt for a monochrome look by choosing tonal pieces.

If you love the neutrality of white, but long for something with a bit more weight, gray room ideas could be the answer to your color dreams. Paint has a real impact on curb appeal, highlighting architectural features with contrasting hues, or imbuing a peaceful, cohesive look with a muted palette such as white or gray. Whether you're looking to enhance your threshold with a dramatic shade of black, something a bit more traditional, or are seeking ideas for a midcentury modern entrance, there is plenty of inspo out there to help you on your quest to amp up your curb appeal.

Living room color idea with black-white walls, wood ceiling, gray wood floors, gray-neutral furnishings
Living room color idea with black-white walls, wood ceiling, gray wood floors, gray-neutral furnishings
Living room color idea with black-white walls, wood ceiling, gray wood floors, gray-neutral furnishings
Living room color idea with black-white walls, wood ceiling, gray wood floors, gray-neutral furnishings
exterior house color idea with red door
exterior house color idea with red door

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