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When a vacant lot opened up in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, Rehkamp Larson Architects and Reuter Walton Companies were brought on board to design and build a new house specifically meant to fill that particular spot in the community. The home’s sleek, simple architecture, clean lines, and open floor plan naturally spoke to contemporary Scandinavian design vibes, so the couple opted for bleached wood floors and painted the walls, trim, and exterior Benjamin Moore Super White, a brilliant, almost sparkling shade that provided the perfect palette to layer on bold color and texture—elements both Mekea, a self-described “go-big-or-go-home” person when it comes to design, and Voss adore. The house’s simple exterior gives way to an open, airy space awash in color, with bright hues found everywhere from the rug in the living room—featuring cheerful shades of aqua, orange, rose pink, and spring green—to the playful wallpaper plastered on surfaces throughout the home.

While colorful antique playing cards catch the eye in the entry and a hot pink abstract pattern makes an edgy-yet-feminine statement in the mudroom, delicate bird-and-cloud designs create a dreamy ambiance in the kids’ upstairs bedrooms. The dining room is a prime example of this careful combination, featuring a traditional-style Bausman & Company table paired with contemporary woven chairs, and a vintage glass display cabinet filled with an assortment of modern dishes. One such element was the home’s eclectic mix of modern and traditional lighting, from the Ochre chandelier hanging above the dining table to the funky midcentury-modern one found in the master bedroom.

“We decided on fixtures before we moved, and got a wonderful combination—the chandelier is more of an investment piece, while the bedroom light is from West Elm and the one in the living room is from a museum art store.” With some quirky design choices and a liberal splash of color, what started out as a simple predesigned model home turned into a truly custom abode for the Duffys, who plan to continue working with Voss as they feather their nest with new and unique pieces.

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