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But, sometimes, when you are trying to arrange enough furniture in your family room with a corner fireplace, it can definitely feel like you are fighting against that lovely, architectural feature.... This version layers the same, custom sectional feature with a pair of swivel chairs, to appreciate the marshland view right outside the picture windows.

Occasional chairs typically have a higher seat height and arms which make them an ideal choice for someone older that is using your space.

With the combination of a higher seat, and strong arms, an occasional chair offers support and ease for older people in your home. As designers, there are a couple of different ways we tackle corner, or off-center fireplaces -everything can either relate really directly to it, or we can largely ignore it.

Nest Design Can Help
Nest Design Can Help

How can I make my small living room look nice?

Cream Rustic Ornamental Wood Wall Decor, 42" x 26" in Cream/Black