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There is an instant upgrade and elegance to having fresh flowers be part of a home. Place them in multiple different areas for a quick expensive feel that is easy to interchange when needed. Fresh flowers are an excellent addition because you can interchange them for different types and colors that work best for your current decor. Shaggy rugs are great because they add texture as well as beauty to any room they are placed.

Do not be afraid of using a rug underneath your dining table, it could provide the touch of texture that the space may need. Such a large piece like this one will provide a perfect focal point to your living room or even your bedroom.

We recommend using a colorful art piece if you want a daring touch in the room. Having a bold color take over the living room will, in fact, provide a statement piece brings your entire decorating style to one simple focal point. The idea is to purchase three of the same items and place them together to create the put together that makes sense.

The ceiling will make a huge difference in the home when it has a bold and daring twist to it.

The richness of having a darker ceiling paired with a chandelier and other light fixtures adds a beautiful contrast in any room. The key is working with a rich hue that will accentuate your current color palette and decor.

Custom cabinetry means the cabinets are designed to fit your kitchen perfectly. This works because the kitchen will look and feel as you have always dreamed of while providing a chic touch of elegance along the way. Wainscoting works well in any area of the home because it is bold yet chic which is one of the best ways to maintain an elegant appeal.

We love the idea of having it be part of the texture you decide to add to your home decor.

Pair it in the dining area for the intricate touch or use it to accentuate your current art pieces. We do this by offering professional craftsmanship, quality products, and exceptional customer service.

Maverick Remodeling
Maverick Remodeling

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