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Around the same time, I had a lovely offer from Balsam Hill, retailer of artificial Christmas trees to use some of their products in my home. Of course, since the kitchen is usually the poor step sister in terms of Christmas decorating, I thought it was a great topic to share. Frame a kitchen window with greens and twinkling lights - or a huge, oversized wreath!

Change out dining chair seat cushions, placements and other easily changeable fabrics with holiday colors/motifs.

3. scan the kitchen collectibles on display and replace with holiday themed colorful and decorative items. Don't forget the floor - replace the kitchen rug or runner for the holidays to have a fresh look!

Add a grouping of bulbs to hang just below the bottom of the kitchen table light fixture. Gather branches from outdoors, keep natural or spray paint in a holiday color and bundle together with twine and/or add ornaments to the arrangement.

How To Decorate Kitchen Cabinets For Christmas

Should I paint my closet doors the same color as the wall or the trim?