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Last week I posted some helpful tips on How to Choose Paint Colors. A fresh coat of paint is a terrific and cost effective way to transform a room, so it’s worth thinking about how you’d like to use color to treat each surface.

A great way to use color to transform a room is to highlight it’s architectural features.

To make details pop, woodwork can be painted in a white or off-white to add a layer of visual interest to the room. If your walls are lighter, a color that in the same family, but a few shades darker, can add a bit of drama to the space. Painting woodwork to match the walls also creates a neutral palette for you to build your decor on.

By treating an entire wall with one color, you can create an architectural look that can go either traditional or modern. Traditionally, wainscot is painted white, which will bring your eye to the woodwork.

Painting woodwork with a pop of color can frame a view out a window or, in the case of this project, act as a headboard where there is none. A white or off-white ceiling makes a room feel airy and bright.

Painting Ceilings the same color as the walls can often make a space feel larger. If you’ve ripped up your carpet only to find wood flooring beyond repair, why not try adding a little paint?

Painting floors to match your walls creates a streamlined, modern look that sets a mood for a room and offers a clean palette to build on. One of our favorite ways to add a bit of whimsy to a room is to paint the interior of closets with an unexpected pop!

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