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Since it is becoming quite popular in design and decorating, today I thought I would share my tips in this regard. Having a certain color stand out as a prominent focal point can add a big impact to nearly any space. Mine is from Kentucky Rose Designs and I absolutely love it.

The owner, Gretchen is incredibly passionate about handmade vintage rugs and picks out some of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen. A pop of color isn’t limited to just one as illustrated by this beautiful rug. I’ll also share a few other Kentucky Rose rugs at the bottom of this post, so be sure and check them out!

Here, the small amount of pink makes a big impact in the bold design which uses dark colors as a foundation. On my sand colored chairs, I chose a muted purple. In this case, all colors work together harmoniously to create a dynamic focal point for our guest room. If you haven’t yet, when you are working on updating a space or creating a new focal point, I hope you will try adding a pop of color or two!

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