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(If you've ever visited our store in Brooklyn, you know that Fleetwood Mac is our permanent soundtrack!) We are especially smitten with macrame wall hangings made in brass rings, because they add a bit of bling to your decor with dash of geometrics a nod to dreamcatchers. So let's learn how to make a macrame wall hanging in a brass ring! To begin, cut ten pieces of macrame cord, 8 feet long each.

Tie each piece of cord to the brass ring using a larks head knot as follows: Fold the cord in half and place the folded bit under the hoop. Next, bring the two ends of the cord over the hoop and through the folded bit, then pull to tighten.

This is how things will look once you've attached all ten lengths of cord to the hoop with a larks head knot. Next, we'll tie square knots to make the triangle section of this pattern. Pull to tighten, and give the two center core cords a tug. Now, to make the triangle shape of this design, you will begin to decrease the number of knots on each row.

Now we'll make an edging along the triangle using the diagonal double half hitch knot. You'll be left with two strands dangling in the center -- tie these together in a half-hitch knot to complete the point of the triangle.

Begin by moving all the cords to the back of the ring, then simply tie each cord in a double half-hitch knot just as you did before, making the knots directly onto the ring.

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