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Wanted to share a bit about our girls’ sister bedroom with double bunk beds! 😉 After a few months of floor-sleeping, my daughter politely asked for her own bed (😂), and it was time make this shared room sitch more permanent!

Baby girl isn’t quite ready to sleep in here with her three big sisters, but she does play in here, and I liked the shorter height for that reason. Because bunk beds can for sure scream “CHILD’S ROOM,” I wanted to sort of grow up the rest of the decor a little bit to balance everything out.

Sleek rug in muted, kid-friendly colors, simple bedding and textured fabrics, uncluttered surfaces (for at least five minutes for these pictures…😂), plus a little scalloped DIY table for fun! I love the idea of them all being together at night for whispers, giggles and snuggles, and I guess they knew better when it came to the plan for this home….shared bedroom it is!

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