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I looked at my farm table for 3 days, and mulled so many ideas for our dining room over in my head. But when it came down to it, I went very simple and stress free to create an Autumn table with only what I had on-hand.

We’ve thankfully had a pretty nice Fall so far with a lot of sunny days.

It was so gloomy, I actually did a big photography no-no and shot some of the photos with my lights on.

As I mentioned, I had mulled over many ideas for our farm table, but when it comes down to it, I’m SIMPLE, and I just need to stay true to who I am. I elevated it on a wood pedestal to ground it a bit more and give it some extra visual weight, and I wove my faux Bittersweet down the middle.

I have a very simple cottage home, and it’s far from fussy… so fussy things don’t fit here, and they truly aren’t me. In this digital age when we can see into so many homes, it’s both a blessing and a curse — while it‘s wonderful to get to peek, and dream, and be inspired… it can be far too easy to slip down that slope of discontentment. Something I do that really helps me stay grounded (and mostly sane) is practice contentment daily.

I’ll try my best to find some like items, and if you see something I don’t link to at the bottom of the post, just comment and I’l try my best to steer you in the right direction. I can tell you to save the stems from your real live pumpkins, because they make the faux ones look much better. The matte gold flatware is also BH&G and the napkins were a HomeGoods find.

Luckily, I had exactly FOUR of the wee velvet pumpkins, in four Autumn colors, and they topped things off just right. I didn’t add place cards of anything fancy, since I wasn’t really hosting a dinner gathering.

So that pretty Pediment shade on the fireplace wall was short lived. Hopefully I’ll be sharing the brand new fireplace look next week! Hope you had a fun visit and didn’t mind my usual ramblings.

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