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This elegant shade is on the darker side of the red spectrum, mixed with brown and a purple tint. The shade has depth, brought mainly by the unique purple tint, which evokes Ivy-League levels of ambition, an air of royalty, and a touch of wealth. The first time the name was recorded in association with the color, was in the late 1800s when the import of French wine made its way to English-speaking countries.

The combination results in a smart, striking, and luxurious space that really showcases the psychological traits of the color in its purest form. (Left) Create a statement moment with a burgundy sofa and pale blue couch, Apartment Therapy. This results in a rich warm feel with just enough lightness to offer some playful relief to the otherwise, grown-up room.

Another classic combination is to go fully monochromatic and pair the color of the hour with an array of pink tones. (Left) Paint your armoire or cabinets a moody burgundy for an elevated look at home, Eye for Design blog.

If you want to have a rich and cozy vibe, play with elegant textures such as raw silk, boucle, and velvets.

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