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In this article, we’re going to focus on how apartment dwellers can incorporate warm, poppier splashes of color without painting the walls or making other permanent changes. Tertiary colors paired with salmon pink could be emerald green, marigold yellow, or a rich navy blue.

Weave in soft white and cream-colored textures to give the eyes a rest and bring everything together.

Buy bold and exciting pieces of wrapping paper such as this abstract mid-century set from Society 6 and give your books a makeover.

Cover them in a range of color schemes that support the style you’re going for and place them around your living room, bedroom, office, and other areas of your apartment. If you own bookcases, consider lining the back of the shelves with decorative paper as well to add an additional splash of color.

If incorporating bright tones in every corner of a room feels overwhelming, pick one area and only add color to that space. If your bedroom has a lot of cooler, neutral tones or is a bit darker, pick one area of the room and concentrate all of the colors in that space. If you want to opt for a smaller space, consider creating a reading nook in the corner and adding pops of color there instead. This is particularly applicable if you tend to gravitate to warm neutral tones and safer shades of cream and white.

Incorporate one or two brighter, bolder pieces of art and then slowly begin to match the rest of the decor to that style if it feels comfortable. Cheerful yellows, bright greens, and punchy oranges will add zest and life to an otherwise neutral space.

If most of your furniture is neutral or dark, consider layering your space with bright orange or yellow blankets and pillows, or small yet colorful pieces of art that make a bold statement. Rather than jumping into bold colors you haven’t had in your apartment before, ease your way in with soft blush pinks or cool mint tones. Try weaving in textiles and accessories that have calm, pastel tones such as creamy yellows and peach to familiarize yourself with different color schemes before diving into bubble gum pinks and fire engine reds. Draper and Kramer offers a wide range of luxurious apartments with spacious layouts that are a perfect complement to many of 2022’s hottest interior design trends.

A woman hangs a painting on her wall in a bright, sunny room. A quote reads:
A woman hangs a painting on her wall in a bright, sunny room. A quote reads: "2022 is the year to explore bringing bright, bold pops of color into your apartment."

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