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I’m answering that question and sharing my review after using Fit Girls Guide for 6 months now! First, I get no compensation whatsoever from Fit Girls Guide and I do not work for or with them in any way.

I purchased their 12 Week Bootcamp in March of 2021 and have been doing Fit Girls Guide Challenges on Instagram ever since. Because I LOVE FIT GIRLS GUIDE AND THE POSITIVE CHANGES IN MY LIFE!

There is a mixture of drills, supersets, and circuits and a variety of different moves to work every part of your body every week. You can begin with any of them, incuding 28-Day Jumpstart, Build Your Own Workout Guide, Yoga, and Fitkini.

I’m starting Fitkini on August 30th for the next Fit Girls Challenge (I’d love for you to join us!! Each workout guide comes with recipes and there are also separate cookbooks you can buy for meal planning. Egg McFit Fun, Pita Pizza, Elvis Overnight Oats, and Banana Fit Sundae are some of my absolute favorites.

Six months ago, in March 2021, I decided to make permanent changes in my life. When I started Fit Girls 12 Week Boot Camp, I didn’t have any weight loss goals.

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fit girls guide review
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what is fit girls guide review

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