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You may have noticed the trend of painting walls and trim the same color is back…or it never really left. Whether you choose a soft white or a jewel tone, you can get a great effect by having your walls, crown moldings, baseboards, window trim, and doors all the same color. Painting the Walls, Trim and Doors the Same Color Adds Drama! There is a lot going on in this narrow hallway with all the doors and heavy trim, but blue paint ties it all together with impact.

Painting everything else white showcases the pretty banister, stair treads, and floor. Here the desk is even painted the same color which blends it together for a calming work environment.

The all-white background recedes in our small beach cottage living room giving it a larger feel. In our dining room with an unusually high chair rail, we chose to paint the walls all the same color (Sherwin Williams Acacia Haze) to avoid feeling like you were “sitting in a hole” at the table.

We highly recommend Samplesize to try out colors and move them around the room throughout the day.

Great examples of painting the walls and trim the same color
Great examples of painting the walls and trim the same color

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