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3413 Marion Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

Our drywaller recommended using flat ceiling paint instead of primer – he said it covers better. It took a good two full days of time because of all of the walls, soffits, and corners.

Obviously, our tiles are various shades of grey and white with a bit of gray mixed in. So we brought home all of the color strips from Menard’s and lined them up on the white wall. After some back and forth, we wound up using the same grey as our upstairs for the main living areas downstairs. The stones had already been painted various shades of brown and tan, so it wasn’t like we were the first to touch it.

While I painted away, Karissa took the kids for a few playdates with friends they hadn’t seen since before we left for Florida at the start of June. They removed the asphalt before replacing all of the water mains and fire hydrants.

We’re excited to continue the progress on our basement and hope the time away doesn’t derail us.

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