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White kitchen cabinets have been a popular trend since designers started incorporating them in the 1980s, but gray has crept into the running as a contender these past few years. Some people describe gray as detached and neutral, while others say it’s the color of intelligence and wisdom. As far as aesthetics go, gray is a popular color choice for rooms because it’s versatile.

While gray cabinets can help a space look more modern, they can also make it look dreary if not paired with the right complementary colors.

If you go with a darker gray, you may end up making your kitchen feel smaller as well. Think about the other elements of your space like your countertops, walls, and flooring before landing on a shade.

White cabinets can be an excellent complement if you punch up your other kitchen remodeling designs , like the backsplash, countertops, and even flooring. Dust buildup is very noticeable on white, so learn how to properly care for kitchen cabinets . White cabinets also tend to yellow with age, especially if they’re in the path of direct sunlight. White subway tile has been traditionally used as a backsplash, and that’s no different when thinking about incorporating gray cabinets.

Dark gray is best paired with either white or light brown countertops and light-colored walls and backsplashes. Add a pop of gray by just painting the cabinets on the kitchen island.

You can experiment a little more freely with other color elements in your kitchen with white cabinets. If you’re looking for something specialized, find a ceramic tile pro near you to get a custom backsplash made. Just remember that while a darker-colored surface or granite countertops may hide crumbs and other miscellaneous spills, white shows everything. As far as appearance goes, choosing between gray and white cabinets is a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking to open up your room and give it a larger feel, white cabinets are a good option. When looking at options and customizations, gray cabinets have more choices for color gradients.

The color is also versatile because, depending on the shade, it can lean toward a cooler feel with slightly blue tones or more warm. Design options like shaker versus traditional cabinets are available for both, and gray and white look good on either one.

Maintaining the appearance of kitchen cabinets can be a challenge, especially if you and your family cook a lot.

Kitchen remodel costs are very high, with cabinets being one of the higher ticket items. While white cabinets may seem like the ultimate neutral, they can decrease a home’s value because people are concerned they won’t be able to keep them clean.

Gray vs. White Cabinets: What’s Best for Your Home?
Gray vs. White Cabinets: What’s Best for Your Home?
A kitchen with gray cabinets
A kitchen with gray cabinets

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