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By removing low-hanging soffits and multiple walls and thresholds throughout the heart of this home, the entire space feels bigger, brighter, and more open. The original floor plan included a 45-degree angled wall in the kitchen designed to separate the space from the neighboring dining area and enclosed porch.

Many homes of this era feature a similar angled wall in the kitchen as a way to incorporate architectural interest into the space. Unfortunately, this set up doesn’t quite agree with today’s trending “open concept floor plan” that so many homeowners crave. This wall also formed what we refer to as a “pinch point” at the entrance to the kitchen, creating a bottleneck effect where people enter and exit the room. The new layout allowed for the breakfast area to come all the way up to two remaining windows and the line of cabinetry in the kitchen was extended down the newly created wall space.

This modification also contributes to a brighter look, as there is now a clear line of sight all the way to the large windows at the end of the breakfast area. The formal dining room at the front of the home was separated completely from the kitchen and bar area by a dividing wall and a narrow hallway.

Initially, removing these walls was not part of the scope of work, but our clients decided to incorporate it to ensure the beautiful renovations could be seen upon entering the front door.

The brightly backlit shelving and display cabinets behind the bar draw attention to the center of the home and create a stunning showcase. By installing an inverted beam into the attic, we were able to remove the wall and columns completely, as well as the low-hanging soffits. It’s amazing how much brighter this space looks with fresh paint, white granite counter tops, strategically placed can lights, backlit display shelves, and the large windows now visible at the end of the breakfast area.

The ceiling beam was refinished with a dark gel stain and a more minimalistic fireplace screen replaced the original for a sleeker look. We also mounted the TV above the mantel, allowing our clients to get rid of the entertainment center previously set up in the corner. The fresh white paint and refinished beam continue the style and color palette used throughout rest of the updated rooms.

In the buffet area behind the bar, the glass-front display cabinets were extended all the way to the ceiling once the low-hanging soffits were removed. These custom display shelves are one of our favorite things to design, as they always turn out great and make such a big impact in any room. Removing the walls from the dining room and the bar area made all the difference in the flow of this house.

Our clients love the sleek look provided by this appliance and the fact that it contributes to a clean, clutter-free countertop. LED under-cabinet lights highlight the beautiful granite counter tops and subway tile backsplash. Deep pan drawers line the bottom row of the cabinetry and custom floating shelves were installed for a chic farmhouse look. Our clients chose a beautiful 36” stainless steel gas range to match the other appliances throughout the new kitchen. We installed a custom cabinet hood vent and convenient spice rack just above the range and a pull-out trash can and stainless steel dishwasher just to the left. Stacked utensil drawers are at arm’s length just on the right side of the range, and a Lazy Susan sits inside the end cabinet for additional storage.

Not only did the kitchen and breakfast area gain some square footage from the porch, but the extension of the new cabinets reaching all the way to the ceiling makes the walls seem taller. The updated floor plan also allows a clear view of the breakfast and bar area from the cook station.

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