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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced hula hoop user, there’s no excuse to skip a daily workout now. Auto Spinning : There is a 0.88Ib soft gravity ball that slides smoothly around the hula-hoop and produces evenly inertial force to get your waist trained 360°, effortlessly but more effectively. Breaks Down For Easy Storage : The weighted hula hoop comes with 24 detachable knots in total that can be easily split and reorganized to make a perfect fit. And our HeriTone hula hoop features an additional magnetic closure to ensure a more secure assembly. Our advanced fitness hula hoop is equipped with support pads all around to massage the waist and relax muscles. However, please note that the maximum waist circumference of all 24 knots can not exceed 125 cm and these hula shadows may not be able to make these hula shadows as your waist are to use over 125 cm It is suggested that the fat reduction period is regular and the reasonable diet effect is better.

360° surround use of sliding rail rollers and inertia to massage the waist muscles to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing fat. It features 360 degree rotating silent shaft that provides easy and flexible rolling.

The HeriTone helps massage the waist muscle – it’s easy to shape the body.

The HeriTone is made from environmentally friendly ABS material which equates to higher strength, better fatigue resistance. With this feature, you can still use the phone, do some simple chores, and move your hand freely — even when working out! Through continuous training, it also provices functions of massaging the waist and abdomen, reducing weight, cleaning the intestines and supporting digestion.

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